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Random thoughts, stuff, and things going on in my life.

March 28, 2017

I had a random conversation with someone in the last year or so, and it was that conversation that taught me that not everyone lives with a story in their head at all times.  I know people will mentally think how things will play out if they are worried, like job interviews and presentations.  But it's all the time for me.  I live in a daydream in my own head.  I'm always thinking of stories, inserting things into my own reality to turn it into something else, daydreaming about a better, happier way for my life to play out.  Sometimes just silly things, mental fan fiction after watching  show I like or coming up with a crushing reply to a stupid situation that happened.  It's not always dwelling on what happened, or worrying about what could happen, it's literally imagining myself somewhere else, imagining story characters in other places, rewriting my own life into something I'd prefer, rewriting a TV show into something my own book characters could be part of. 

I didn't realize, that not everyone does that.  It was honestly a shock, like learning that people don't always have music stuck in their heads.  I have a nonstop soundtrack and audiobook with visuals in my head every day.   At least it's an exciting world in my head, and I hope people enjoy the glimpses they see into my mind and being by reading my books and looking at my paintings. 

February 21, 2017

A little over four months ago I reached a goal that I truthfully thought I would never reach.  I was able to stop taking my heart medication (with doctor approval of course, don't mess around with these things).  It was probably the scariest week of my life going off my medication.  I was terrified I'd have to go back on it, among other things.  Luckily, after about a week, I started to feel good, and four months later, I feel even better.  The start of it all was a side effect of other health issues, then over the years, I adjusted to the medication and the other issues were gone.  It was a struggle.  One I thought I'd never get through, but was finally able to.

November 14, 2016

I can honestly say that self-publishing is an eye opening experience.  You put a ton of work into your book, and put it out there for everyone to see, and then who knows what will happen next.  My book certainly hasn't done as well as I had hoped, but I also went into this with no clue about how to market it.  I'm learning slowly but surely.  Getting an agent my have been a longer, slower route, but it would have probably been a far better choice.  Not to say that  I can't turn this around into the career that I want it to be.  Success or not, I will keep writing because I enjoy it and it's an escape for me, and hopefully for anyone that reads it.  It's fun to see the world in my head unfold on paper, to see the characters that are just as real to me now as my actual friends, come to life, and have personality. This blog and website are my first step into trying to get more information on my book and series out there.  I'm currently almost done with the first draft of my second book, with the hopes to edit and publish next year.

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