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All books are currently available for purchase on in both paperback and kindle.

NEW: Chaotic Devices (Book 1 of the Chaos Guardians Series) is now available on Kindle Unlimited.

Everything begins with Chaos...

Skye Kelly is a Chaos Guardian. Monsters, magic, and evil plots are a part of her everyday life, along with running a coffee shop and playing video games with her friends. When horrific creatures from another world start targeting guardians on Earth, it's up to Skye and her friends to unravel their evil scheme before it's too late.

Zombies are inconvenient...

Reanimated dead are making random appearances in Skye's hometown. Obviously, necromancers are involved, but to what degree?

When a connection is made to the world of Meriten, Skye goes undercover to a dangerous world full of undead horrors, feuding clans, and scheming necromancers to find those responsible for this sudden influx of inconvenient zombies. What should be an easy investigation quickly turns into a deadly dance of intrigue, revealing a far more sinister plot.

Because when are zombies ever convenient...

More power just meant more difficult jobs.

After foiling a nightmarish plan to destroy Earth, Skye was thrown into a conflict on another world, saving it from hordes of undead and the necromancers behind them. She had become the most powerful Chaos Guardian in all of Creation. But controlling her new powers was proving it be difficult, and her life was anything but normal.

When mysterious doors start appearing in haunted houses around the world, Skye and her friends are asked to investigate. With increasing ghost activity, strange doors to another dimension, missing space pirates, and the deadly creatures drawn to the chaos—it’s up to Skye and her friends to figure out who is behind it and stop them.

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